I Love You Because You’re You


Author: Liza Baker
Illustrator: David McPhail
Publisher: Scholastic

Purchased at: FAO Schwarz

Why: It was close to Valentine’s Day and I thought a fun little book about love would be a cute addition to our library. Plus it rhymes and I’m a sucker for rhymes.

Pros: cute little place inside front cover to fill out “This book belongs to:_______”; endearing message – no matter what, mom loves you because you’re you!

Funny Note: When my husband read this for the first time he asked why the mother is dressed like she is on Star Trek. Ever since he made that comment I can’t shake that image, even though I never would have made that connection had he not mentioned it.

Durability: 5 bite marks! This is one tough book. It’s kind of puffy and my son hasn’t made a dent. Can we have more books bound this way please?


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One response to “I Love You Because You’re You”

  1. Juliana Lee says :

    I haven’t seen this book before, but I do love David McPhail’s books. Thanks for another recommendation!

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