I Love You, Stinky Face

Lots of chew marks on this one!

Lots of chew marks on this one!

Author: Lisa McCourt
Illustrator: Cyd Moore
Publisher: Scholastic
Purchased: TJ Maxx

Why: My sister had this book for her son (who is five months older than my son) so I was familiar with it and I liked the message.

Pros: Positive message – a parent loves their child no matter what (animal) they become and will always be there for them. Fun illustrations as well. (On a somewhat random note, I love how the mother & son’s hair is a reddish blonde color – but when you look closely you can see every color woven in there, even blue – it’s a small thing to note but I look at it every time and marvel at that kind of mastery of color.)

Funny Story: My husband was reading “Runaway Bunny” to our son one day and said — “Hey, this book is really like ‘I Love You, Stinky Face,’ to which I had to respond that in fact “Runaway Bunny” was the original book as far as the comparison went. He was stunned and I just laughed.

Durability: 2 bite marks, as evidenced by the corner damage. I would have given it one bite mark but since it was purchased at TJ Maxx it may have been a bit damaged when I got it – I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.


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