Thank You Bear


Author: Greg Foley
Illustrator: Greg Foley
Publisher: Penguin Group
Purchased: Amazon

Why: Cool sister recommended this one. She’d heard of Greg Foley through friends.

Pros: Oh, to be an author/illustrator must be an amazing thing. To be able to create a story and then actually put the images on paper exactly how you want them to appear – the power! Author/illustrators must be mad with it — I know I would be. Sadly, I cannot draw. At all. And so I flip through the pages of a book like “Thank You Bear” with wonder and no small amount of jealousy. Grey Foley does a fantastic job creating emotion with simple, beautiful illustrations. I adore them. Bear’s look of exuberance on the second-to-last page is so joyful that it brings a smile to my face every time I read it. But I won’t spoil it for you – you’ll have to go read it for yourself. Instead, I’ll show you another thing I love about this book – how the pages are color-coordinated to the accompanying illustrations:



It’s a small thing but it makes the book stand out as it’s not something that I’ve seen before.

Thank You Bear has a delightful website which you should absolutely visit here.

There are two other books: Don’t Worry Bear and Good Luck Bear…and I’m sure that both will soon be a part of our library as well.

Durability: 3 bite marks. Holding up pretty well since it’s bigger than a Boynton board book. Just some fraying along the spine – prime teething spot, so it figures.


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