TBT: Hiram’s Red Shirt

By: Mabel Watts
Illustrator: Aurelius Battaglia


We’re back for another TBT post!

This was another one of my favorite books growing up…and in rereading it, I’m a little mystified as to why. I mean it’s still a great story and all, don’t get me wrong, but I know I read it thousands of times and in retrospect that seems a bit overkill.


So Hiram (interesting name, right?), has his beloved red shirt but he toys the elbows which he then tries patching from fabric elsewhere in the shirt, thus resulting in new problems. So the story goes until he does the only reasonable thing left…


Go to the store and buy another red shirt. I remember being amazed that out of all of the options at this store he goes and gets the same thing again. And I still love the store clerk’s expression.

Now interestingly, it seems that eBay is the place to find this book if you want it, and it’s not cheap. Guess I’ll have to hold onto our copy!

Final thought: I do wonder if my love for this book gave me an early inclination towards red headed men. I had the biggest crush in fifth grade on a red headed boy. Ha! Oh Hiram, you cad.


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