Stephen and the Beetle


Author: Jorge Elias Lujan

Illustrator: Chiara Carrer

Translator: Elisa Amado

Publisher: Groundwood Books

Purchased: N/A – Gift from Hipster Sister

Does your kid like to kill bugs? Then this is the book for you! Ok, in all seriousness, this has a good message about respecting all living things and understanding that even small actions have consequences.  BUT it’s kind of a strange book. Which is fine – I mean every bookshelf needs some story diversity. Every book can’t be all rhymes and trucks and fairy tales, right?

But bear in mind that mixing it up comes with illustrations like this…

Kind of graphic for a picture book, right?

Kind of graphic for a picture book, right?

See that – that’s what happens if the boy, Stephen, drops his shoe on the beetle. Note the spot of red on the page on the right. That’s intense. So look, if your kid needs to hear this message and understand that maybe it’s more fun to see a bug up close and follow it to its destination than kill it, then this is a good pick for you. But if you want to delay talk of death for a later date, then maybe hold off on this one for a while.



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