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I Am A Writer?

“I am a writer.”

Does anyone else out there feel like a fraud saying these words out loud? I sure do. And it’s funny that I feel like that because I’ve spent almost my entire life writing in some form. (True story: in 2nd or 3rd grade I started keeping notebooks, just like Harriet. To say they are hilarious to now read is an understatement.)

Perhaps this feeling comes from the fact that I don’t have an agent. Or maybe it’s because my dream of seeing my book on a bookstore shelf sometimes seems so elusive, so distant, that it is hardly worth working toward.

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PB in 50 Words or Less

Ok, since I’m really trying to work on my writing, these contests are actually a great thing for me. They give me a prompt to focus on – or, in this case, a limitation – and I have to create something. Just the kind of thing to get the juices flowing.

Here’s the information about the contest: 50 Precious Words Contest

My entry is inspired by the age-old question of whether or not someone likes someone else.  Click on to read all 49 words (correctly formatted!):

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Superhero Status Quo

I’m on something of a Superhero kick lately, at least in terms of my writing. I’m finding that I want to write stories where the Superhero Status Quo is turned on its head somehow. I have a couple of fun drafts in the hopper and hopefully some of them will clean up into something presentable.

In the meantime, I’m continuing to write and revise, write and revise, write and revise. And I’m starting to wonder – do you ever really feel like a story is “done”. Like it can’t be made any better? I’ve always wondered that about artists in general. When a painter steps back from his/her canvas, how do they decide it’s done, that it doesn’t need one brush-stroke more? Is it confidence? Exasperation? Desperation?

When I get there I’ll let you know… 😉