Why Instagram is Great for Writers

There are numerous articles about social media and writers and how much time you should invest in any given platform. I’m going to talk specifically about Instagram and why I think it is an amazing tool for writers. Note: my experience relates to writing picture books but I think many of the points would carry over for writers of other genres, within #kidlit and otherwise.

So, here are my Top 3 Reasons Instagram is Great for (Published/Unpublished) Writers:

Instagram Forces You To Read. I have visited the library so.much.more since starting my Instagram account. Did we read a ton of picture books before? Yes, but the variety has increased exponentially since I started my account. I want my followers to see a good variety of books from many different publishers so I’m reading more than ever in an effort to fill my feed with good content. This leads me to…

Know the (Picture Book) Market. Do you know how many small publishers there are now? (Tons!) Do you know how many imprints the big five publishers collectively own? (Lots!) Do you know trends in word count? Do you know about #weneeddiversebooks or #ownvoices? Instagram can inform you about all of these things if you fill your feed with other book-focused accounts. And, if you’re a writer interested in being traditionally published, you should know about these things. You do your due diligence when you buy an appliance or hire someone. This is no different. Get your education for free through Instagram!

Learn How to Promote A Book. God-willing, one day I will find an agent and my picture books will all go to auction (hey, a girl can dream!). But, here’s the thing – if you are lucky enough to have a book traditionally published, your work has only just begun. YOU need to promote your book. How are you going to do that? Well, how about reaching out to Instagram accounts with fifteen-thousand followers? If you’re active on Instagram, you will know these accounts and you will interact with these awesome people. And, if you ever become published, they will be your biggest cheerleaders and possibly help your promotion efforts.

Bonus Reason: The Bookstagram Community is Amazing! Seriously folks, this is maybe the most positive place on social media. It’s people who love books sharing that love. It’s beautiful. It’s my happy place. And it could be yours, too!

Do you love Instagram? Or another form of social media? Share why! And then come follow me on Instagram: @picturebookplaydate


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One response to “Why Instagram is Great for Writers”

  1. thesarahdoughty says :

    Indeed. It’s a great place to grow.

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