Bear and Chicken

Author/Illustrator: Jannie Ho

Publisher: Running Press Kids

Oh what a delightful book! Kirkus Reviews called this “A sweet tale of expectations upended,” and I’d say that’s pretty spot-on. The humor in this is just fantastic – adults are going to get a laugh on a whole different level. Just check out these opening lines:

“One very cold day, Bear was hungry from his morning walk when…he saw a chicken, frozen in the snow! How does one defrost a chicken? thought Bear.”

Ha! I love how well done the build-up in this story is. Everything Bear does appears to be for one reason – to eat Chicken.

But all is not what it seems, as Chicken ultimately discovers (though it does take Chicken a while to get there!).

The illustrations are lovely, particularly for this time of year. The snow is falling, soup is on the stove and a fire is burning. Sounds like a perfect day to me! And check out these beautiful end pages:

An all around great read (one that my kids just had me read three times back to back to back!). Thank you to Running Press Kids for sending this one my way to review.

Oh, and don’t forget to check the back of the book for bear’s soup recipe and a note about black bears. Here’s a sneak peek:


One response to “Bear and Chicken”

  1. Eileen Manes says :

    So cute! Adding to the list!

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