Thanks for Thanksgiving

Author: Julie Markes

Illustrator: Doris Barrette

Publisher: Harper Collins

I was recently bemoaning how Thanksgiving gets passed over and the book selection is more sparse. But, ladies and gents, I think I’ve found a Thanksgiving winner.

I bought the paperback version of this book last week and was *so* excited to add it to our collection. Then, lo and behold, a package from Harper Children’s showed up this past week with the board book version! Good news board book fans: this is the same exact text as the paperback. The only difference is the end page where you can write thankful thoughts in the paperback (pictured below).

Now, why I love this book:

🦃 It rhymes (you know I love well done rhyme!)

🦃 The illustrations are fall perfection. All of the colors just bring you right into the season.

🦃 The things to be thankful for are so relatable for kids: cuddles with mom, play dates, swings and slides, piggyback rides.

🦃 Although it’s a Thanksgiving book, Thanksgiving itself is only mentioned once – so I really see this as a book about being thankful that you could keep out all year long – and that’s a message that I definitely want to emphasize with my kids all of the time.

If you’re looking for a Thanksgiving book I highly recommend this one. Do you have any Thanksgiving favorites?

(Picture of page included in paperback version of the book.)

PS – leaves from our thankful tree – anyone catch the cartoon character my son included last year?! 😂


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