The Story of Thanksgiving

Publisher: Harper Collins

Back into the Thanksgiving trenches we go! Ok, I picked this one up at our library and was super impressed. That said, this is definitely

for older kids – it is *very* text heavy (VERY).

(What I mean when I say it is very text heavy! Also note the lovely illustration style used throughout.)

I like that this book relates Thanksgiving back to all of the other harvest festivals held by people all over the world: Greeks thanking Demeter, Romans thanking Ceres, Jewish people and the Feast of Booths. This was actually educational for me!

The book then turns to how the American Thanksgiving story originated (again, including things I didn’t know) and when it formally became a holiday (during the Civil War, in 1863, in the hopes that the “holiday would bring a spirit of unity to a nation broken in two.”).

It concludes with a traditional Thanksgiving song to sing and a recipe for pumpkin muffins (yum!).

I do wish there had been some back matter in this book – I would love to have seen what the sources were for the facts in this book. That said, this is a good one to pick up if you’re looking to go deeper into the history of Thanksgiving.


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