Little Frog and the Scary Autumn Thing

Publisher: Persnickety Press

Change is scary for everyone. Autumn certainly is a season of change, and one can easily see why it’s a scarier counterpart to spring. Instead of plants and animals coming alive and everything turning green, here we see what looks like decay. But autumn isn’t scary, it’s just unfamiliar, at least to one little frog.

As little frog experiences her first autumn, she’s scared. But mom has some words of wisdom for her:

And so, she sets off to explore and be brave.

Though soon she has a scraped knee and a sense that she’s wandered too far.

But then she recalls her mother’s words of advice.

And discovers autumn isn’t so bad after all.

A great book about autumn and confronting fears.

For another book about animals experiencing autumn for the first time, check out LEAVES by David Ezra Stein.


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