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I Love Cats!

Publisher: HarperCollins

(Release Date 12/26/17)

This text was originally published in 2007, so you may have seen an earlier version of this book before (maybe floating around at a library). BUT, wow, this reissue, with Bob Staake illustrations, is perfection.

The text is sparse; for example:

Don’t you love the color and the use of opposites for teaching little ones?

And every time we end with a refrain:

Because the text is so sparse it leaves a lot of room for the illustrator to have fun. And Bob does so here!

Can you see my favorite bit in this page spread?

Maybe we need to zoom in a bit…

😂😂😂. Love this so much.

If you’re a cat person, or know someone who is, reserve your copy of this one stat! Thanks to HarperCollins for sending me this one to review. I’m doing a giveaway over on Instagram- but it’s a quick one, so head over now if you’re interested.



Publisher: Albert Whitman and Company

Library books with dark covers are so hard to photograph. But don’t let that dissuade you from checking this one out. It is beautiful. We follow a father and his daughters as they explore lights – from the galaxy to city lights to their own front porch.

The illustrations are just beautiful. And can we stop for a minute and admire the composition of this family. I love the beautiful reality it reflects.

I mean seriously, how beautiful are these page spreads?!

This is also perfect for for bedtime – look how cuddled up and happy the kids are.

All around fabulous book. Definitely worth checking out.