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Publisher: Nancy Paulson Books/Penguin Kids

Oh this follow up to LEAVES has me. In fact, I may go so far as to say I like it even better – which is saying a lot because we own LEAVES and love it!

I love how this starts:

It was his second year.

“I’m back! he said.

💛 Bear remembers honey and goes in search of it, only to keep finding that it isn’t ready yet.

He’s forced to entertain himself doing all the things a bear might do.

Finally, he happily discovers that the honey is ready and is able to indulge. I love that the story continues through, and that the closing page is this:

Just beautiful isn’t it? And so we come fully through the summer season. This book is adorable – perfect for the warming weather as spring heads into summer. 🍯


It’s Springtime, Mr. Squirrel

Publisher: North/South Books

It’s been a while since I was really and truly surprised by the ending of a book, but this one totally pulled it off. With aplomb.

We start innocently enough. Friends Squirrel, Hedgehog and Bear have just emerged and found that spring has arrived. Hedgehog immediately spots a lady and is flummoxed. How should he get her attention?

Thankfully, his pal Squirrel is there with a plan.

Of course, they will need outfits to go prove their bravery, so we are treated to a few delightful pages of options:

The friends then decide to go prove their bravery by conquering…someone.

Unfortunately, they aren’t the best at this, so they ultimately decide to best their friend Bear (who isn’t quite aware of his being conquered!).

Upon this feat they decide Hedgehog has now proven his worth and may go meet his lady love.

Now. Stop here if you don’t want to see the spoiler for this one. Do not read any further! But if you’re curious, go ahead and click for more.

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Bravo! Poems about Amazing Hispanics

Publisher: MacMillan

When I shared this over on Instagram, I commented that I was surprised I hadn’t seen more of this one, particularly during National Poetry Month (April). I’m still surprised I have seen more of it, so I’m sharing it here and hopefully that will help others learn about it as well!

This book beautifully captures figures from history – people whose names we know, and people whose names have been forgotten by history. There were so many amazing people included in this one, and I learned so much by reading this book.

Above is a sample page spread. Every person has a full-page illustration and accompanying poem. Then, the end of the book gives you additional information about each person, as well as other important figures who weren’t given their own pages until the text.

Here’s the accompanying page that covers the larger page from above, so you can see the correlation.

This is a great non-fiction, diverse poetry book. Definitely worth checking out.

Beastly Verse

Publisher: Enchanted Lion Books

I love that this book opens with “The Crocodile” from Lewis Carroll. For me, at least, it is immediately recognizable, so it’s a fun way to get into the mindset of this book, which features poems about animals big and small.

The poems – all so different and by many different writers – are tied together by the illustrator’s vibrant work.

This is a beautiful book and so perfect for introducing kids to poetry. Perfect for National Poetry Month!


Oh man, my kids are *so* obsessesd with this book right now. I don’t know how many times we’ve renewed it from the library already! They’re also re-enacting it, pretending to be Triangle and “hisssing” outside of my door. It’s adorable and completely what the magic of books is about.

Basically this book entails a Triangle who sets off from his home to prank Square. Square chases Triangle, gets stuck, and manages to scare Triangle as an accident (or is it?).

I’ve been told that there are two sequels in the works and oh man, get those babies published! My kids are going to devour them!

Such a great book by a phenomenal duo. Highly recommend.