Bravo! Poems about Amazing Hispanics

Publisher: MacMillan

When I shared this over on Instagram, I commented that I was surprised I hadn’t seen more of this one, particularly during National Poetry Month (April). I’m still surprised I have seen more of it, so I’m sharing it here and hopefully that will help others learn about it as well!

This book beautifully captures figures from history – people whose names we know, and people whose names have been forgotten by history. There were so many amazing people included in this one, and I learned so much by reading this book.

Above is a sample page spread. Every person has a full-page illustration and accompanying poem. Then, the end of the book gives you additional information about each person, as well as other important figures who weren’t given their own pages until the text.

Here’s the accompanying page that covers the larger page from above, so you can see the correlation.

This is a great non-fiction, diverse poetry book. Definitely worth checking out.


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