It’s Springtime, Mr. Squirrel

Publisher: North/South Books

It’s been a while since I was really and truly surprised by the ending of a book, but this one totally pulled it off. With aplomb.

We start innocently enough. Friends Squirrel, Hedgehog and Bear have just emerged and found that spring has arrived. Hedgehog immediately spots a lady and is flummoxed. How should he get her attention?

Thankfully, his pal Squirrel is there with a plan.

Of course, they will need outfits to go prove their bravery, so we are treated to a few delightful pages of options:

The friends then decide to go prove their bravery by conquering…someone.

Unfortunately, they aren’t the best at this, so they ultimately decide to best their friend Bear (who isn’t quite aware of his being conquered!).

Upon this feat they decide Hedgehog has now proven his worth and may go meet his lady love.

Now. Stop here if you don’t want to see the spoiler for this one. Do not read any further! But if you’re curious, go ahead and click for more.

Guys. I snorted out loud. Such a fantastic surprise. And don’t feel too bad for Hedgehog. Someone is there to cheer him up and tell him, hey, it’s only the start of spring!

It’s so nice being surprised every once in a while, isn’t it?!


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