One Day On Our Blue Planet…In The Ocean

Publisher: Flying Eye Books

I’m back home! As some of you may have seen from my previous posts, we’ve been out of town for about 10 days, first visiting Disney World and then going on a Disney Cruise with my extended family. I’m still in an ocean frame of mind, so I knew this would be the perfect book to share today!

This one comes out in June and is the fourth in a series (other titles include in the savannah, in the Antarctic and in the rainforest). Here, we follow a dolphin calf as she goes about her day, visiting different areas of the ocean and interacting with different sea creatures. This is definitely on the lighter side, text-wise, so it is perfect for introducing younger kids to these environments.

The illustrations are vibrant and the end papers make me swoon. I mean, check this out:

Non-fiction can be tough for younger kids and I really feel like this book does such a fantastic job of being age-appropriate (its recommended for ages 3-7). Thank you to Flying Eye Books for sending this one my way!

Now, I’m off to hopefully nap. I’m exhausted from our vacation 😂!

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