Snail Mail

Publisher: Running Press

This is one of those books where you kind of can’t believe it took so long for someone to come up with the concept. I mean snails that deliver the mail? Snail mail? It’s perfect!

I love how it starts off with a simple (but true!) premise – some things are better by snail mail! But here, the twist comes in. We have an actual group of snails who deliver the mail.

Are those names fantastic or what?! Once they start on their cross country journey, the illustrations take off.

I mean, how great are these?!

This is an absolutely adorable book (and I love the ending, where the snails finally get a plane for long journeys!).

A perfect book for reminding us to slow down and savor every day. And a great message about determination too! Big thanks to Running Press for sending this one my way.


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