Love is Love

Publisher: Sourcebooks

June is Pride Month. Why? Because it’s the month the Stonewall Riots took place in New York City – riots that served as a catalyst for the equal rights movement that followed.

I love how this book comes from such a great place: the perspective of a child with two dads.

When the child wonders why people would think being gay is wrong, he realizes “maybe being different is scary to some people.”

And isn’t that so true? He then goes through how gay parents are just like straight ones. They love each other and their child. And really, that’s all that matters.

There are extensive notes, which I’ve captured here.

The author, a gay father himself, states that he wrote this book to show that “being gay is another kind of normal. Period. And I wanted to use the word ‘gay’ as much as possible to normalize it.” He goes on to say “There’s still too much permissiveness in the pejorative language some people use about gay people even in an era that’s progressing toward greater equality.” And this book hits that head-on.

When is the right time to read this book with your child? That depends on your family. But we should all recognize that kids will encounter ugly language and how they react is a reflection of the values we instill in them.

Happy Pride Month everyone – and thanks to Sourcebooks for sharing this beautiful, important book with me. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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