About Me

If you’ve read the earliest post on this blog then you know most of my story but I’ll embellish a bit here.

I’ve been writing most of my life. After reading Harriet the Spy in elementary school I immediately started keeping a notebook on my person at all times and taking notes about everything. You would think, given the lesson Harriet learns in the book, that I would have had some skepticism about doing this, but nope! Thankfully, no one ever got their hands on my notebooks and years later I still have them. They make for very interesting reading.

Moving along, in late middle school/early high school I remember writing a story that featured flaring nostrils in some way. I don’t remember anything about the story but I remember how much my mom loved that I had used flaring nostrils as a way to express how a character was feeling. It was great, knowing that I had come up with a description that spoke to her so clearly.

Fast forward to the post-college years and most of my creativity had evaporated. I went to law school, practiced law, and pushed aside notions of pursuing writing in any real way.

Fast forward again to the birth of my son some ten years later. Although I had started writing again several years before his birth, I had never committed to it in any serious way. That all changed when I immersed myself in the world of picture books. I joined the SCBWI, attended the February 2014 conference in New York, joined 12 x 12 and am seriously pursing this. I’m writing, researching, and writing some more. I love it.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey – whether it’s because you want to read my brief reviews on these books or because I’ll provide useful links on the journey toward (hopefully!) publication. I want to do this and it would be fun if you’d join me for the ride.

– Lauren

One response to “About Me”

  1. Juliana Lee says :

    Welcome Lauren! I’m taking that ride right along with you!

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