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Austin SCBWI Meeting – Applying the Golden Rule to Critique Partnerships


Critique unto others as you would have them critique unto you.

Today was the monthly SCBWI -Austin meeting and it focused on critiques – a timely topic given my last post. The speaker was Bradley Wilson, of Yellow Bird Editors.

After the jump you’ll find my notes from the session. I hope they prove useful to you – I think there were some great tips!

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Is the PB Writing Community TOO Positive?

Hear me out here.

As anyone familiar with the writing community knows, its generally a very positive community. Everyone cheers everyone else to victory. We celebrate them signing with agents, shout out book birthdays and generally love to see others succeed. And I think that is wonderful. Truly. It’s almost surreal to see such a positive community of people all centered around creating something special for children.


You knew there was a but, right?

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